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Published May 07, 21
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Where visual assessment shows that the fastener may not have actually been adequately tightened up to avoid the elimination of the nut by hand, the inspector will physically look for this condition for the fastener." While the 2009 meaning appropriated for setup and assessment of snug-tightened connections, that meaning was found to be inadequate to specify a suitable beginning point for the turn-of-nut method of pretensioning bolts.

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What Are Tension Control Bolts?

Tension control bolts, also called TC or twist-off-bolts, are construction fasteners that connect steel joints in structural applications. They are considered high-strength bolts, which contribute to long-lasting steelwork connections.

What Are TC Bolts?

TC bolts are provided as a fastener assembly, complete with a nut and washer, which means that time and labor are saved during installation.

What are two major contributions to the self-calibration of TC bolts?

The first is lubrication. The second is the depth of the groove between the spline and the threaded portion that comprises the bolt.

From a labor standpoint, tension-control (TC) bolts are more than perfect. They only need a single person to install them, and since of their spline, it is easy to inform when they are properly torqued. That being stated, though TC bolts are simpler to set up than heavy hex bolts, problems can emerge when installing them.

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When putting up a structure, workers will initially put the TC bolts into the structure without tensioning them in order to make assembly much easier. While this does simplify the assembly process, problems can develop when the TC bolts are left in the structure without being tensioned for too long. Often, the bolts can be left for days without being tensioned (A490 Tension Control Bolts).

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The bolts are exposed to the aspects, causing them to lose lubrication and rust. The shear forces from being in the structure without being tensioned put the bolts in a bind.

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What can you do to prevent these issues with tension control bolts from happening? All of it returns to jobsite storage. While it does make things simpler to proceed and put the TC bolts in their location in the structure, prolonged direct exposure to the components can trigger issues with the bolts.

In the meantime, store your structural bolting components in covered containers far from the elements. See our jobsite storage blog site for more pointers. A490 Tension Control Bolts.

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Essentially, standard structural bolts have a body length and thread length based on ASME standards (Ref. Non-standard refers to bolts that are not on this chart, but can be custom-made made to fit client needs. Non-standard structural bolts can have unique qualities for example: a hex setup instead of a heavy hex head, totally threaded structural bolts, and other non-standard features.

Since of this, there's a quicker turn-around time than non-standard structural bolts. Non-Standard Structural Bolts Unlike standard structural bolts, non-standard may not follow all of the standards in the ASME.

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It is essential to discover a manufacturer that is well versed in custom work. Communication is vital when ordering non-standard structural bolts, so it is necessary to go with a company you can rely on.

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