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Published May 07, 21
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A tension control bolt (TC bolt) is a strong bolt utilized in steel frame building. The head is usually domed and is not designed to be driven. The end of the shank has a spline on it which is engaged by an unique power wrench which avoids the bolt from turning while the nut is tightened up.

Portland Bolt runs its hot-dip galvanizing tank at 840 Fahrenheit. Is this adequate heat to possibly change the strength of a satiated and tempered fastener? In theory, the quantity of heat that a high strength fastener is exposed to throughout the hot-dip galvanizing procedure should not alter its mechanical properties. A325 Tension Control Bolts.

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The question is, how much heat is required to possibly alter the mechanical residential or commercial properties? On page 4-4 of the Ninth Edition of the AISC Handbook (American Institute of Steel Construction), the following declaration occurs: "Anchor bolt product that is satiated and tempered (heat dealt with) should not be welded or warmed." However, it does not resolve the amount of heat that must be prevented.

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Another recommendation that attends to the heating of high strength bolts (which happens during hot-dip galvanizing) can be discovered in the ASTM F1554 specification. 5.3 of the ASTM F1554 requirements states: "The maximum hot bending temperature for heat dealt with anchor bolts will be less than.

What Are Tension Control Bolts?

Tension control bolts, also called TC or twist-off-bolts, are construction fasteners that connect steel joints in structural applications. They are considered high-strength bolts, which contribute to long-lasting steelwork connections.

What Are TC Bolts?

TC bolts are provided as a fastener assembly, complete with a nut and washer, which means that time and labor are saved during installation.

What are two major contributions to the self-calibration of TC bolts?

The first is lubrication. The second is the depth of the groove between the spline and the threaded portion that comprises the bolt.

However, galvanized bolts only remain in the zinc tank for a couple of minutes and even though the surface temperature may approach 840, it is unlikely that the entire fastener is heated to that temperature level. The most appropriate reference found in any ASTM requirements resolving the possibility of the hot-dip galvanizing process changing the mechanical properties of a high strength fastener is discovered in area 7.

2 of the brand-new hot-dip galvanizing specification ASTM F2329 which mentions: "Checking for mechanical properties is not required if the galvanizing process is carried out at a lower temperature than the stress relief or tempering temperature level of the fasteners. Galvanized Tension Control Bolts." This suggests that the mechanical homes have the prospective to be modified only if high strength bolts are tempered at temperatures at or below the 840 temperature that the bolts undergo throughout hot-dip galvanizing.

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Therefore, it is not possible for the galvanizing temperatures to go beyond the tempering temperature level for these specifications. Although in theory it is possible for the other requirements to be tempered listed below the galvanizing temperature level, recent records show that the minimum tempering temperature level utilized for any of these grades listed in Table 2 that Portland Bolt has actually produced is 950.

Tension control bolts fast, simple and safe to install. TCB setup is the most affordable expense method for appropriately setting up High Strength Friction Grip (HSFG) or Preloaded bolts - Tension control bolts. For full guidelines please download our installation manual. Client installation training on site is likewise offered. Visual evaluation Constant tension Single operator installation minimizes labour costs Non affecting electrical shear wrenches (no HAVS) No air compressors or hoses needed Adjusted torque wrenches are not needed Greenkote ecologically friendly finish Insert the bolt through the connection and then position the washer chamfered side outermost onto the bolt followed by the nut (Fig 1). Galvanized Tension Control Bolts.

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If two washers are being used ensure the washer under the bolt head is put with the chamfered side dealing with the bolt head. Utilizing the electrical shear wrench, engage the inner socket over the bolt spline and the outer socket over the nut (Fig 2). Make sure that both inner and outer sockets are completely engaged before continuing.

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